Friday, March 23, 2018

Important Season Dates

Regular Registration Ends:  January 31, 2018

Late Registration Ends:     February 7, 2018

Scorekeepers Clinic: TBD

Practice Starts: February 26, 2018
Games Start: March 19, 2018


Summer Registration: March 11, 2018

Games End: May 16 with playoffs
All Star Games: May 23

Game Times: 6:15 PM, 7:10 PM, 8:05 PM

Practice Times: 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM


Team Formation Rules

Each team will have at least seven (7) and at most nine (9) players. Schools unable to meet the minimum requirements will have their players combined with other schools in close proximity until the requirements have been met. Combined teams will be filled by blind lottery pick. Preferential treatment will not be given to players in respect to their registration date as all players will be treated equally. Siblings will be placed on the same team. Players who have a representative volunteer selected for a Head Coach position will be exempt from the lottery pick.

Teams will not be formed by request, either by perspective coach, parent, nor player.

Chain of Command

Parent -> Coach -> Division Director -> Division Commissioner -> Vice Chairman - Operations -> Chairman -> CFSA Board of Directors


Logistics Chain
Parent -> Coach -> Appropriate Logistics Contact -> Vice Chairman - Logistics -> Chairman -> CFSA Board of Directors

If you have questions regarding a player or a team, please contact the Division Director first. If you cannot get in touch with the Division Director, then contact the Division Commissioner. If neither of those individuals are able to address your question, then contact the Vice Chairman of Operations. They will be able to address any problem specific to an age division.

If you have questions regarding uniforms, equipment, practice schedules, or game schedules, please contact the appropriate person first. If they are unable to address your question, then contact the Vice Chairman of Logistics. They will be able to address any problem.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall program. Please contact members of the Operations and/or Logistics committees prior to contacting the Executive Committee.