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CFSA Refund Policy

CFSA Refund Policy is in effect as of Oct 29, 2017.


CFSA Season Registration Refund Procedures

I.  Prior to regular registration closing:  refunds approved by Sports Commissioners: 

a. Cy-Fair Sports Association will issue a season registration refund minus a $50 administrative fee any time PRIOR to the close of REGULAR registration for any program for any reason.   All information on the form must be complete and submitted to the office prior to the close of regular registration to ensure a proper refund. Refund request are completed and submitted online. You will be notified of receipt and disposition within 5-10 business days.

b. Once REGULAR registration has ended no refund request will be accepted 

II.  Exceptions to this policy are limited to the following reasons:

After regular registration closing:  refunds approved by Sports Commissioners & Treasurer:

a. Cy-Fair Sports Association will issue a full season registration refund in the event that CFSA fails to perform the duty of placing the child on a team. This does NOT INCLUDE placing the child on a team other than the one desired, not liking the coach, delay in finding a parent coaching volunteer or any other issue including, but not limited to, practice times, location, carpooling, etc.  CFSA Sports Commissioner will initiate refunds that meet this criteria.  All refund inquiries should be addressed to

After regular registration closing but before first game: refunds approved by Operations Committee:

b. Cy-Fair Sports Association Operations Committee reserves the right to extend a refund minus a $50 administrative fee due to extenuating circumstances.  To be considered for such a refund, please complete and submit the online refund form along with the reason for your request.  To be considered, the communication must be initiated before the beginning of games for the season and should include the player name, sport/season and details (proof) regarding the extenuating circumstance. 

III. No refunds will be considered for online merchandise purchases, clinics or other registrations that are less than $50.00.

CFSA Refund Request Form

Cy-Fair Sports Association will issue a refund minus a $50.00 administrative fee any time PRIOR to the close of REGULAR registration for any program.

Once REGULAR registration has ended no refund request will be accepted nor will refunds be issued.

All information on the form must be complete to ensure a proper refund. 

Payee Name
Payee Name
Payee Address
Payee Email
Sport Name
Name of league or division
Payment Method
Briefly explain the reason for requesting a refund.


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