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2023 Fall Tackle Football Season

Youth Football Registration

Fall Football 2023 Registration is CLOSED


Our fall football program is for grades Kindergarten through the 6th grade (Fall 2023) 

The season will begin with non-padded practices the week of August 7, 2023 

There will be 8 games which will take place on Saturdays at our Schiel Road fields: 

22515 Schiel Rd, Cypress, TX 77433 

Game Times: Saturdays 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM 


Regular Registration: March 15 – May 14, 2023,   Late Registration: May 15 – June 15, 2023 

                                                    Waitlist – June 16 – July 15, 2023 

Tackle Division “Lock” Deadline - April 30, 2023 


SEASON DATES: Week of August 7th - Practices Begin   

August 26th – First Game 

November 19th – Super Bowl ***DATE CHANGE***





REGULAR Registration Cost 


Registration Cost 

K – 1st 





Intro to Tackle 












Junior Varsity 







*A player may play up one year, but they cannot play down a year.   


GAME SCHEDULES:  To be published in August. 


PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Practice Days/Times/Locations are all determined by the volunteer head coach assigned to your team (usually on weekday evenings or weekends near your home). *We limit all our sports to 3 events per week - games and practices. 


TEAM FORMATION:  Teams are formed by the CFISD school that your child attends. If we have too many players from any school, a team of neighboring schools will be made. This allows Coaches to facilitate practices in and or around your area for convenience.   

Players registering from the previous season (tackle divisions only) can LOCK IN with the previous team they played on if registering NO LATER THAN April 30, 2023.  Teams are formed AFTER registration closes per CFSA Football rules, and it is CFSA policy to not release the registrant’s information to anyone other than the approved coach. 


NOTIFICATION OF TEAM ASSIGNMENT:  Team Rosters will be released to coaches at the end of July.  Once the Head Coach receives the roster, he/she will contact the team and begin communication via the e-mail address listed in your child’s profile. 


COACH SELECTION CFSA has instituted an interview process for coach candidates.  Coach candidates must register to be considered as Head Coach via the CFSA Football page (see link below). Applicants are reviewed by the respective Division Commissioners (DC) and the candidates are required to attend an interview session with their DC and/or Directors. The DC and his/her Director, will select a coach based on the criteria set forth by the committee to better serve the area youth. Final approval from committee is then required to formalize the selection. Coaches are announced after team formations, which is usually one week after registration closes. If you coached in previous a season(s), you are required to register on this link.  





REQUIRED: Mouthpiece 


* Shorts without Pockets - CFSA recommends this because this will prevent your child from reaching for opponent’s flag and possibly getting hand stuck inside their pockets. Color to be determined by your Team Coach. 

*Rubber cleats CFSA recommends this as fields may be damp on the mornings of game day. 



*Properly fitted Helmet - Helmet decals are coordinated with the head coach of each team and not provided by league 

*Properly Fitted Shoulder Pads 


Please note: CFSA Football recommends all players seek fittings for helmet and shoulder pads at their local sporting goods retailer – Dick’s, Academy, and/or Barcelona before purchase. Although not a mandatory requirement, CFSA Football highly encourages a sports physical with your physician to ensure your child’s well-being. 


*Game Day Football Pants – Color to be determined by your Team Coach. 

*Rubber Cleats CFSA prohibits Metal Cleats. 

*Practice Jersey/Pants – Various pants are offered for football players – with pads and without.  

*Additional (and optional) equipment is available such as padded undershirts, padded arm sleeves, gloves, rib protectors, back plate for shoulder pads. 



  • A $300 Mandatory Sponsorship per team is required (attach link)   

  • Team participation in a Fundraiser will be offered in order to offset the costs of keeping our program affordable among continued rising costs.  Information to be forthcoming. You may opt out of participating by paying the $100 Opt Out Fee when registering. 

  • Please review the Refund Policy prior to registering (attach link).   



The CFSA Football Code 

The purpose of this program is to provide youth an opportunity to participate in an organized football program that will stimulate healthful recreation, teach responsibility, discipline and fair play, and build self confidence in an atmosphere of competitive group sports. Although the sport of football is competitive, the winning of games shall be of secondary importance. The primary goal is to help youths develop traits of good citizenship and sportsmanship. All head coaches are responsible for seeing that they, their assistant coaches, players, and player supporters conduct themselves in such a way that the purpose and objectives of the CFSA Football Program are achieved. 



Texas Statutes regarding interaction on the field of play with a Referee

Most of you will not let your emotion for the game get in the way of acting appropriately during and after the game. I know some of you will not agree with every call the referee makes, and that will likely evoke an emotion. There are few NFL games where we agree with every call. It will not be much different in these games either. Approaching and/or discussing your disagreement with the referee at any time is not an option, whether you are a player, coach, or fan. It is also against the law. Please click here for details.

CFSA Football Core Values

Encourage a love of the game by providing a competitive program that is fun for all concerned.

Teach the lessons that youth football is uniquely designed to promote such as:

Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Discipline and Commitment

Respect for Self and Authority

Success is earned through hard work and development of talent.

Respect the role of parents in the development of their children.

Encourage citizenship and promotion of community.

Stimulate healthful recreation.

Build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Help those who desire to play at the middle school level develop their skills.

CFSA Football Contacts 

See the Committee Tab for specific roles and contact details for the Football Committee members.  To contact the entire Football Committee email



Direct Website Problems or Inquires to the Football Webmaster.

CFSA Football Announcements

USA Football

CFSA Football is proud to be partnered with USA Football. All CFSA Football coaches undergo training for USA Football Heads Up program. 

Click the link to find out more

CFSA Spring 7-ON-7 Rules

Click the link below to view our 7-On-7 Rules

2023 7-ON-7 Rules


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