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Football FAQ'S



Q: Will my son play on his school team? Can I find out how many spots are open for a team?

CFSA Football forms teams based on the elementary school attendance zone your child lives in as determined by CFISD boundaries.  A team consists of 22 players (16 for Flag and Rookie) that register from a single school attendance zone and are randomly selected to form a team.  Players registering from the previous season (tackle divisions only) can lock-in with the previous team they played on if registering within the first month of registration.   Additional players would either form a second team from that school attendance zone, if enough additional players register, or would they may be combined with other players from nearby school attendance zones to form a team.  Since teams are not formed until after registration closes per CFSA Football rules and pending address verification, it is CFSA policy to not release the number of registrants by school during registration.

Q: How much are the registration fees for Football?

The football program is divided into Flag (Grades K and 1st combined) and Tackle (individual grades 2nd thru 6th). Please check the main Football page for specific cost information.   Registration includes game jersey; provides for game officials, necessary equipment for the field/game, yearly field maintenance, and additional amenities provided at Schiel Road Sports Complex.  All other equipment required to participate in games are the responsibility of the player.  

Fall Football Grade Levels

 ·         Flag – K & 1st

·         Rookie – 2nd

·         Freshman – 3rd

·         Sophomore – 4th

·         JV – 5th

·         Varsity – 6th

Q: I am interested in volunteering to coach football this year and would like to know what process I need to follow to pursue this.

Submitting an application to be considered as Head Coach via the CFSA Football page. The applications are reviewed by the respective Division Commissioners (DC) and the candidates are required to attend an interview session with their DC and/or Directors. The DC and his/her Directors select a coach based on the criteria set forth by the committee to better serve the area youth. Final approval from committee is then required to formalize the selection. Coaches are announced after team formations, which is usually one week after registration closes. The Football committee ONLY selects the Head Coach. The Head Coach will select his assistant coaches. Interaction with the football committee is highly recommended. Attending monthly meetings or getting to know the committee members so that they can make better decisions when engaged in the interview process.

Q: Can my child play up or down from one division to another?

A child MAY NOT play down for any reason.  Your child may only play up one year, which is your choice.  For example, PLAYER A in Freshman Division has the option to play up in the Sophomore Division, but MAY NOT play in the Rookie Division.  Many parents choose their children to play up for various reasons (i.e. siblings, classmates, outstanding athleticism, etc.).  Please strongly consider the effect of playing a contact sport against much more mature players before considering this option. The Football Committee doesn’t always recommend this course of action.

Q: I coached last year, do I automatically get the team this year?

Not necessarily, every season the Football Committee selects coaches based on the best interest of the players and the program. Their previous role does not guarantee their position for coaching (although taken it is taken into consideration), but positive and negative behaviors from the coach during the previous season are factors strongly reviewed by the Football Committee.


My child is home-schooled, or my child attends a private school, and/or we live outside CFISD boundaries, can my child play still play with CFSA football?

A: YES!!!  During registration, several options are available to fit your current status (z-Out of District, z-Home School, or z-Private School); however please select the elementary school that is zoned nearest your residence if home or private school.  If living outside CFISD boundaries, please select the nearest elementary closest to your residence and your player will be placed on the nearest team based on availability.
Q: We enjoyed playing on the team last year with our child’s friends and coach.  Can we be placed on the same team again the following year?


Yes for our tackle divisions you can requests to return to the same team, but you must be registered during the first month of open registration.  While registering you will need to select the option to return to the previous team.  However, this is to lock-in the team of players and not necessarily the previous coach.  Every coach must submit a new application each season to be considered for the position.  You also have the ability to “opt-out” of the previous team by registering outside of the two-week period, or electing the option as a “Returning Player” with the option to “opt-out” and those players will be placed back into their nearest elementary school and placed on the nearest team based on availability.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the return option outside the first month.  Once team formations have been finalized, players can only be moved by the Football Committee on rare occasions and extremely special circumstances (which include late registrations).


Q: How do I get more involved in the program?
A: The Football Committee strongly encourages attendance at their monthly committee meetings.  Those meetings are held the first Sunday of every month at various locations.  Currently, the Football Committee meets at Creekwood Grill (12710 Telge Road, Cypress, Texas 77429) at 7:00pm in their upstairs seating area.  Please visit the CFSA Football page on Facebook for updates to committee meetings and locations.  The meetings are open for all to attend.
Q: What equipment must my child have to play?

In Flag, it is recommended to wear shorts without pockets.  This will prevent your child from reaching for opponent’s flag and possibly getting hand stuck inside their pockets.  Rubber cleats are also recommended as fields may be damp on the mornings of game day.  Mouthpieces ARE REQUIRED for all CFSA Football participants.  CFSA Football will provide a two-colored, reversible jersey for each registered player.


In Tackle divisions, CFSA will provide a jersey and a pair of game pants for each registered player.  Each player is responsible for having a properly fitted WHITE helmet and shoulder pads.  Rubber cleats are recommended. Metal cleats are PROHIBITED.  Mouthpieces ARE REQUIRED for all CFSA Football participants.  .  It is recommended each player provide their own practice jersey and a pair of practice pants.  Various pants are offered for football players – with pads and without.  Additional (and optional) equipment are available such as padded undershirts, padded arm sleeves, gloves, rib protectors, back plate for shoulder pads and helmet visors.  Visors must be CLEAR and non-reflective.  Helmet decals are coordinated with the head coach of each team and not provided by league.  CFSA Football recommends all players seek fittings for helmet and shoulder pads at their local sporting goods retailer – Dick’s, Academy, and/or Barcelona before purchase.  Although not a mandatory requirement, CFSA Football highly encourages a sports physical with your physician to ensure your child’s well-being.

Q: How many nights a week are there practices and/or games?
A: The CFSA Football rules dictate the total allowable activities a team may participate during any given week. Activities is all-inclusive of team gatherings such as games, practices, chalk talks, film review, etc.  No team can begin practicing without the approval of the CFSA Football Committee.  Each team is only allowed to participate in THREE activities per week during the active CFISD calendar year.  A week is defined as Monday 12:01 AM through Sunday 11:59 PM.  The CFSA Football Committee will allow a four-day activity week prior to CFSID school year, but only during the dates determined by the CFSA Football Committee.  The Head Coach is responsible for following the activity rules or be in violation as defined in the Conduct Violation Table in Appendix A of the rules.  



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